Banana Pudding.

  • 25 g margarine or butter.
  • 200 ml and syrup from fruit.
  • 4 bananas.
  • 25 g flour.
  • 10 g sugar.
  • 2 egg yolks.
  • 2 eggs.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • 50 g castor sugar.
  • A few drops vanilla essence.
  1. Melt butter, add the flour and cook for three minutes.
  2. Cool slightly and add the liquid gradually.
  3. Boil for 7 minutes stirring all the time.
  4. Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
  5. Cool the sauce and whisk the eggs yolks.
  6. Skin the bananas and cut into slices.
  7. Arrange the bananas in layers in a greased pie dish and pour the sauce over.
  8. Make the meringue and pile on the top of the sauce.
  9. Bake in a very moderate oven 180 degrees, 360 degrees until meringue is set and lightly browned.

Watch full tutorial on how to prepare banana pudding click here.

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